Pride Music Festival – Exclusive Interview – Pierce Fulton

This week, the team at Pride Music Festival had a chance to talk with one of our Headliners, Pierce Fulton. With Pride Music Festival less than 1 month away, we could not be more excited. Take a look into the world of Pierce Fulton and get ready to see him live this July!

Thank you Pierce for taking some time to talk with us as we count down to Pride Music Festival!

Absolutely! I can’t wait for the festival, I love San Diego and I’ve never played a festival there so it should be really exciting!

It would make sense to start at the beginning! How did you get started into producing? Had you grown up in a musical background?

Yeah I grew up playing all sorts of stuff, primarily guitar just for fun with friends in bands and stuff. I got into producing around 2009 because I became friends with an exchange student at my high school who first exposed me to electronic music altogether and I sort of just went head first into learning how it was made. From there I worked relentlessly on the music and eventually it went from hobby to full time job and here I am!

What was your first Electronic Music festival / Event?

Well the first festival I ever went to was Electric Zoo in 2009 and my first actual show was an Eric Prydz show the following year (that I somehow snuck into as an 18 year old) . Both of those experiences were super impactful on my tastes for electronic music, being my first festival I saw how different every set was and how you could just cruise on to a different stage and get a totally different experience etc. As for the Eric Prydz show it was just incredible because I had been a long time fan and he played a crazy set that really influenced how I DJ now.

Kuaga was a huge track for you! We are curious, where did the name Kuaga stem from?

Well Kuaga means “farewell” in Swahili and it was sort of a goodbye to an older chapter in my music I’d say. If you listen to my older singles like Runaway or Where We Were there is a noticeable difference from Kuaga and I think that’s what the goal from the start was.

If you could collab with any artists (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I don’t collab very often but I think I’d want to work with vocalists like James Brown or some vocalists from the Motown era to spice up my dance tracks a bit.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

I’d say Paul Kalkbrenner because he’s made an insanely successful career out of just being himself and never veering off his path. He’s consistently made good music that’s all got his sound and he’s been doing so well.

What is your favorite city to play in?

Ahhh I hate this question because I love pretty much every place I play! No matter where I am, even if its the middle of nowhere, I always take a few hours and walk around the city to explore, have a beer, or do some touristy things. I just love making the most out of the traveling and seeing things I would never see if I had a normal job.

Can you share a bit with us about any upcoming releases?

Yeah, I’m sort of figuring out a lot of stuff at the moment…I’ve made so much music since Kuaga and the hardest thing has been deciding what’s smart to go with after. I don’t want to settle but I also don’t want to change my sound too much so its been really challenging figuring out the perfect direction. All I know is I’m not gonna rush to put out so-so music but I’m also not going to hold myself up to some unrealistic standard. I do have a bunch of stuff developing all the time it’s just a matter of quality and timing.

 Is there anything else you’d like to share with our viewers?

Well I’m extremely excited for all my shows this summer because I’ve got a ton of new stuff to play and test out in addition to a bunch of awesome new stuff from my friends. Jam packed sets with all sorts of fun.

Thank you very much for taking some time to chat with us!


In addition to the interview we were lucky to get an exclusive set for our radio show Diversity Radio. Check out Diversity Radio with a guest mix from Pierce Fulton:


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