This week the team at San Diego Pride had the opportunity to talk to Emma Hewitt about her upcoming performance at Pride Music Festival, her latest single with 3lau ‘Alive Again’, and much more!  

Thank you for taking some time to talk with us as we count down to Pride Music Festival! 

Thank you guys!! What an incredible confluence of events leading up to the festival…it really feels like such an important time of change and for the advancement of civil rights.  I am thrilled to be involved.

We just heard your latest single ‘Alive Again’ on Spotify with 3lau and we have to admit we love it! Can you tell us a little bit more about the track? 

Both Justin (3LAU) and myself are SO happy with how this song turned out, and really excited to finally release it into the world! :)

3LAU will be actually releasing 3 versions of this song as an EP. This is going to be quite a special EP and something a little different to the way most electronic tracks are released.

There will be an acoustic version, which we hope to be also performing live for special events, along with a beautiful experimental mix by 3Lau which is possibly becoming my favourite! :)

What was your biggest inspiration for ‘Alive Again’?

That feeling knowing someone is out there who feels like home, knowing that they are so close you can almost feel them near and you can sense their existence. The comfort in finally realizing that person is actually here in this world and there is a chance you may find them some day soon.

Will San Diego get the honor of seeing you perform ‘Alive Again’ at Pride Music Festival? 

Absolutely. This is going to be the first ever live performance in The U.S of ‘Alive Again’. It really is a song about optimism, hope and celebration so I am really excited to perform this for the first time at Pride Music Festival; I couldn’t imagine a more perfect event for the premiere.

That’s amazing we can’t wait! What else can we expect from your performance at Pride Music Festival? 

Energy and the hugest smile on my face for my entire set!! This is a celebration and the audience are just as much a part of that (if not more) than those of us on stage so I plan to enjoy every single send and will try to get the crowd involved as much as possible. In terms of music, I like to keep changing the songs around with mashups and throw in a few tunes that I am feeling at the moment as well as songs like ‘Waiting’ (Dash Berlin) and ‘Be Your Sound’ (Cosmic Gate). I am getting goosebumps thinking about the 19th already!!

Many of our fans are wondering if you would ever consider collaborating with Saturday’s Pride Music Festival headliner Ruby Rose? 

I have been a fan of Ruby since she started out VJ’ing for MTV Australia back in the Myspace days!! She is wonderful; a super talented and creative individual with immaculate style – I have a lot of respect for what she has been able to achieve. For sure I would love to collaborate with her should the planets happen to align.

Do you have a message to aspiring singers in the LGBT and Dance Music community?

I would say just always stay true to your heart when making music…sing the songs that best express your individuality and your own message that you want to share. If you create something personal to you that you would love to listen to yourself, then surely the message will also resonate with other people out there too!  Once you find your own sound and message, then just keep pushing towards your goal, never accept doors closing in your face as the end; often the things that seem like the worst events end up being the positive experiences we can draw upon. Don’t focus on trying to be the “best”; focus on finding what it is about you that makes you unique and embrace it wholeheartedly. Always encourage and support others as you would wish to be supported; we’re all in this together and I believe all things come back around.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!

Thank you so much for talking with me! Let’s make this celebration one to remember in San Diego!!!! :)

Check out Emma Hewitt ‘Alive Again’ | Official Lyric Video and buy tickets to Pride Music Festival 

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